They Hate Us

Some people think that politicians do not care. They are wrong. Politicans do care. They just don’t care about things normal people care about.

But in the course of the last few weeks I repeatedly heard a phrase from politicians, that they “took a pay cut for this job”. Of course, they are trying to make us believe they are acting out of pure altruism, but I think they are failing miserably. In reality, these politicians confess to us that not only don’t they care about us, they actively despise us, the people who elected them, the people they are supposed to represent, the people they have power over.

From there, I extrapolated to all people in power. Are they not all essentially dependent on those they have power over? And would that not make them really afraid of the people they have power over? And what do most people do when they are afraid of another? They hate them and – for a few worst cases in history – they haul them away to concentration camps.

When you follow the money you will also find another dynamic: The 1% hate the 99% because they are afraid of them because they got to become the 1% by taking from the 99%. I am not a socialist. I am a realist. As they say, when you “follow the money” a very simple story unfolds, be that local hick politics or G7 (or 8).

(Btw. I recommend a free online book called “Honest Money” at, you guessed it, Impeccable thinking.)

Back to the concentration camps – a personal subject for me: When you further extrapolate from the impossibility for a person to make a living from an honest day’s work, you have to also look at the fact that the rural areas, world wide, get more and more depleted and the cities more crowded, if not to say slummed.

This also relates to the minimum wage discussion. Is it not likely that the people who are going to fight a significant minimum wage increase are going to be the same people who scream “family values”?
But you can’t clamor family values out of one side of your mouth and try to keep the majority of families in a permanent survival stress. You can’t demonize a woman’s choice over her body on the one hand and make sure that mothers, single or not, have to work hours that virtually destroy any chance for a real and healthy family structure.

So here we are, ruled over by those who hate us, especially when they had to “take a pay cut” to do so.

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