To Wage Sanity

Why the Equality Act in its present form Hurts Women

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after months and months of digging through the maze of charged shtuff on the trans lobby side and the diligent effort on the part of “Sanity & Co.” to sort out the extremely lawyerese shell games of misnomer and assumption & such. (Not to malign ALL attorneys – I know a handful from whom I would not cross to the other side of the street if I encountered them) Bottom line is that we cannot leave the playing field to extreme activists, profiteering pharma, medical and administrative “profe$$ionals”, and the politicians in their pocket or who are too busy to really read what they are promoting. We need the public to see past the propagandist snow job. But we need to supply the public with clear information. We are the ones to cut through the scrim of projections and assumptions and deception and reveal the previously known, but now obstructed view of common sense, true compassion . . . bla bla bla.

To this end, please avail yourselves freely of the attached document (above). A powerpoint presentation with accompanying script will also be made available soon.

This is a war on women on all levels. Our answer must be to wage sanity.

To Wage Sanity

When Alice Dreger in her “Galileo’s Middle Finger” suggests that Galileo may have been handicapped by his own conviction that truth would protect him from the false-sayers  . .   well, times have changed. Galileo didn’t have the “social” media dissemination machines we have today. And even though they are as much a source of massive misinformation, hype, and propaganda, there still rests a glimmer of hope in the remaining trace of common sense of some people.

But while Galileo only had the church to talk to who didn’t want his truth (aka reality), we can – and must – take reality to the court of public opinion.

So, even if some of it seems redundant to some, allow me to list the armaments we need to win it, most of all, clarity in the face of confusion and silencing tactics and courage and sisterhood* to sustain our efforts.

Why will the militant trans lobby not engage in reasonable/rational discourse and dialogue?

The answer is: They are unwilling because they are unable – because they don’t have the clear and simple facts with which to make their case to the public. Reading some of the extreme trans propaganda, the public would just scratch their heads and (naively) assume that such common nonsense would not get anywhere.

This is why the extreme trans activists have to resort to threats, verbal bludgeoning, secret influencing of institutions, intimidation, rather than reasonable interaction.

Simple, clear, reality-based information is our strength.

We can go out and bring that to the people at large. But/And to effectively do that, we must inform ourselves. (see also the attached paper).

Realize an alliance with the LGB community.

One thing we must do is make a strong case with the LGB community that their political capital and good will is being co-opted by the T’s agenda. In reality, that agenda is setting gays and lesbians back to the times when they were pathologized and “in need of conversion”. Case in point: When 75-90% of “gender non-conforming” kids grow up to be lesbian and gay, not trans, but the T agenda would put them on the trans track of life-long medical intervention and dependence, what does that tell you? Instead of acceptance, let alone celebration, it is an implied judgment of being lesbian or gay. A simple view of the underlying sex stereotyping agenda and the appropriation of sexual orientation as a Trojan Horse for throwing sex and sexual orientation under the gender bus will make it clear that the transgender activists ain’t on their side. Once the LGB community realizes that their loyalty is being shamelessly abused, “Reality & Co” will regain their support and alliance.

Demand accountability and transparency of the institutions that are used to enforce the transgender agenda.

Most of the occasions when we read “they shut xyz down” or “they deplatformed opq”. involve entities who are legally required to provide transparency. Yes, they usually will try to avoid precisely that, but with a degree of diligence you can make’em sit up and take notice. Most of them are non-profits or publicly financed institutions. They have bylaws, they have charters, they are subject to state and federal rules, and all that is publicly available. They must have open meetings and agendas and minutes. They must “notice” the public and justify closed meetings while disclosing agenda and location and later provide minutes anyway. (Personnel matter may be deliberated in secrecy only to protect the person involved, but if that person demands disclosure …)

Granted this course of action, takes a lot of work and stick-to-it-iveness, but since so much of the strong-arming is done in secrecy, this is one way to rock the corporate boat.

Follow the Money

The trans lobby by itself is nothing without financial support. There is $$$ behind it, pharmaceutical, medical and other institutional entities who tend to gain from an increase in power of the “profe$$ions”. So, if you have to buy your influence, if you have to wave the $$ or dangle the purse strings, as in threatening a university with “we will cut the research grant unless you comply with our ‘request’”, then you are really lacking publicly understandable, clear factual information and you have to resort to silencing dissenting people because they just might have that factual information.
This is again a matter of waging sanity and clarity.

Our own state of clear information will facilitate the end of silencing.

Of course, the vocal and belligerent trnas propaganda can always clamor “hate speech – hate speech” and they will, but a sufficient amount of simple, public mainstreamable information cannot be forever silenced. While Galileo only had the church to talk to who didn’t want his truth (aka reality), we can – and must – take reality to the court of public opinion.

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2 Responses to To Wage Sanity

  1. lovetruthcourage says:

    I agree, but part of the issue is that people who know that trans is a false religion preach to the choir and do NOT go into the hostile court of public opinion. In the current court environment, people accept the validity of trans unquestionably. To do otherwise, earns one the “transphobic bigot” label. People support trans because they are trying to be good Social Justice Warriors (SJWs), just as Germans supporting Hitler and Nazism were trying to be good Germans. The public is not hearing the counter-narratives. Just the other day, there was a letter in Dear Abby about a preteen suddenly deciding she is a transman. Read the comments from the good, liberal SJWs there. They are nearly unanimous in their ideation. Would you go there and comment in such hostile territory? Most opposing this ideological fad would not subject themselves to that lion’s den! Most won’t, so to the choir we preach. Unfortunately, this does nothing to move the needle on public opinion.

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