STOP Killing Our Gay Children

There are several ways in which the names Rockefeller, Harriman, and Carnegie are associated with dubious portions of history worldwide. One of them is eugenics, and the Rockefeller Foundation specifically helped found the German eugenics program and even funded the program where Josef Mengele got his ‘master race’ start in before being promoted to head the medical experimentation in Auschwitz.

Another, however less popularized medical experimentation case aimed toward a Germanic master race was that of Dr Carl Værnet and his “research”. Værnet was a doctor from Denmark, who, in view of the homophobic policies of the Nazis, saw an opportunity to pursue his research to “cure” gay men. He came to Germany, joined the SS and eventually was able to continue his occasionally fatal hormonal conversion therapies at the concentration camp in Buchenwald. Homosexuality was illegal in Germany during the Nazi times – and many decades after – and gays and Lesbians were incarcerated by the tens of thousands. Homosexuality was incompatible with the official Germans master race ideology.

But Germany was by far not alone in its stance on homosexuality and conversion therapy. The man who won World War II, Great Britain’s Alan Turing, was forced into conversion therapy which ultimately led him to suicide.

What have homophobia and conversion therapy and medical experimentation to do with twenty-first century discrimination issues? And why is there the allusion that anyone is killing our gay children?

One at a time. First the gay children, then the killing.

There is a heavily funded global push underway to funnel “gender non-conforming” children into sex change programs. In other words, if a child or juvenile fails to conform (Achtung!) to one of two sex stereotypes, he or she is to be assessed by a gender dysphoria specialized shrink and then treated accordingly. A gender dysphoria specialized shrink is a person who makes a living diagnosing “gender dysphoria”, the more the merrier. Academically pedigreed doctors of any discipline thrive on proliferation of their ideas or theories. As did Dr. John Money (not a joke) who was one of the first in the U.S.A. to advocate for surgically changing men into women at the Johns Hopkins Gender Clinic in 1966. “Ten years later, a follow-up study published by Dr. Jon Meyer, chairman of the Gender Clinic, evaluated 50 transsexuals who had been patients at the Gender Clinic. The report concluded that no improvement was noted in the patients’ psychological functioning as a result of Money’s gender change treatment. The clinic at Hopkins was then closed.”  

But back to the “gay children”. Follow-up studies show that about 80 percent of all children or juveniles who experienced some degree of sex confusion (who doesn’t at that age?) turn out gay or Lesbian. The experience of “non-conforming” (Achtung!) to one of two sex stereotypes eventually settles and the person can grow to live any one of a diversity of (legal) sexual expressions. Diversity is a good thing. Apparently not so in the eyes of the sex change specialists. Instead of letting a child or juvenile grow up to find her or his own sexuality, they get off on converting them to one of two stereotypes. No more getting off in the usual way, incidentally, for the recipients of such therapy. The result is always a castration. None of the male-to-female patients will ever be really female, bleed or have babies, and none of the female-to-male people will ever produce an ounce of sperm. Did I make the “gay children part” clear? I tend to drift off into the larger picture. Life and everything in it is so interwoven that it is hard to stay linear. The sex change result is also always fatal. Fatal, as in dead. Let me explain.

This is the “Kill” part. Remember the “no improvement was noted in the patients’ psychological functioning”? What this means is that people had their true, factual, biological sex taken away from them – castration – and the result does not tend to turn out worth the staggering investment. This faces you with a few choices. Lie to yourself and the world because the admission of such a horrendous failure is impossible to admit. This leads to trying to create a community around you that reflects the lie as a workable solution. Or kill yourself. Or do the lying as long as you can, and then kill yourself. There is no such a thing as a sex change. There is only functional castration combined with artificial chemical and surgical feminization. (Or the other way around, to become a bearded, deep voiced muscular woman.)
A tragic note from October 2013: Nathan Verhelst died in Brussels after being allowed to have his life ended on the grounds of “unbearable psychological suffering”.
The 44-year-old asked to die after undergoing a series of reassignment surgeries to transition from female to male. He had undergone hormone replacement therapy in 2009, and underwent the surgeries in 2012.
Prior to his death, Mr Verhelst had told Belgian newspaper Het Laatse Nieuws: “I was ready to celebrate my new birth. But when I looked in the mirror, I was disgusted with myself.
“My new breasts did not match my expectations and my new penis had symptoms of rejection. I do not want to be… a monster.”

Here, a brief discourse is in order about the extreme arrogance of considering people in charge of assigning sex and re-assigning it. Even if a sex is “assigned at birth” as referred to in the current gender identity un-definition lingo, it is a misnomer. What is meant is a label which people stick on a baby, the best they can. It does not really determine the baby’s biological sex. And neither can “re-assignment” change it. And this is why sex re-assignment cannot possibly “work”.  

For the following section, I need to let you know that I wrote a book on bone, some say “The book on bone”. It deals with osteoporosis, the most frequent pathology affecting the bone. My book is the only place I know where the obvious correlation is stated between the most frequent fracture locations and the most pronounced and prolific blood building locations in the bone. The fact of physiological blood loss (menstruation) and consequential regularly increased need for re-supply of blood, leads to a different density distribution between men’s and women’s bone in those areas where most blood building takes place. That’s just the way it is. In other words, a woman’s bone is made to regularly increase blood production and – here comes the thing – regularly receive the increased amount of blood building material. Without this functioning correlation, you end up on the short – or broken – end of the bone.

What (puberty blocking) hormone therapy does is that it cements an impossibility of this functioning correlation ever being in place. When you intercept the male bone formation by radical hormone treatment you create a higher percentage of the more sponge-like type bone matter (aptly called spongiosa). On the other hand, you cannot create a Frankenwoman who really bleeds and supplies to the bone the regularly increased blood (and bone) building substances needed to provide the cyclic supply peak of blood.
The result is bad bone, dude, a.k.a. osteoporosis and osteopenia. Osteoporosis is brittle, structurally deteriorating bone and osteopenia is just not enough structure. Both eventually translate into hard or impossible to heal fractures and/or a generally impaired movement. I could go on and on about this. After all, I wrote the book.

When you administer puberty blockers to girls, the picture is strangely similar. This is because the female bone takes its menstruation targeted form beforehand, By preventing menarche, the bone structure that is set up for cyclic substance supply peaks gets, mildly “starved”. The other side of that coin is how testosterone and muscle growth hormones – and eventually cortisone – create metabolically unsupported bone structure. How can you find out of that is true? Go to the meat counter of your supermarket or, even better, if you happen to have a real time local butcher, talk to them and let them show you bone from hormone treated and from untreated animals.

Since I’d like to keep this short – for now – let me sum it up:

War on Diversity: Chemical and surgical sex stereotyping versus non-conformance (Achtung!)
Homophobia: We need to prevent men loving men or women loving women (Himmler would heartily agree), so we need to make them into (fake) girls and (fake) boys should that danger loom. Medical experiments with “unknown consequences”.

Ah yes. The thing about brain development – or the lack thereof – under puberty blocking hormone treatment. Many of us often bemoan that a person – usually a male human – didn’t ever grow up and continues to behave like a boy. Well, we can make this happen chemically. When we stop sexual development, we also stop brain development and the general behavioral maturation we hope some of our children will achieve, some day. Since the brain continues to develop until age 25 or more, the foreseeable fate of humanity under a puberty-blocked population does not lend itself to a pretty picture.

All the above is merely touching the tip of the various icebergs lurking below the murky seas of politically correct insanity. Each subject can be – meaning you – and has been researched, and the relevant links will follow as I have time. In doing so, it is strongly recommended to rely more on biological than on medical publications. Biologists are far less terrified of harming the financial interests of the people who finance and own their research than medical researchers.

To end on a lighter note, enjoy the stadium scene in Monty Python’s “Life of Brian” at
It provides you with a humorous but accurate description of the situation.

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5 Responses to STOP Killing Our Gay Children

  1. lovetruthcourage says:

    great post!

  2. The more I think about this, the more it becomes clear that for 99% of the problems people have, for which they are now funneled into the trans thing, there are better approaches. Love and acceptance, for example, and “what can I do for someone else?”

  3. Pingback: STOP Killing Our Gay Children – Critiquing Transgender Doctrine & Gender Identity Politics

  4. FeistyAmazon says: article and writer who knows her stuff and actually makes sense..the bone connection tied to our menstrual cycles and what artificial hormones do actually intrigues me….

  5. bacopa says:

    The idea that there could even be such a thing as “puberty blockers” is simply magical thinking. The fact that so much of the atheist community has bought into this came to shock me when I started paying attention about a year ago. PZ over at Freethoughblogs is the hardest to understand. He’s a developmental biologist specializing in genetic embryology. He’s got to know that interfering with gonadotropin signaling is serious.

    Lupron and other GnRH agonists are very good cancer chemotherapy drugs. They stop some kinds of prostate and uterine cancers in their tracks, and allow for minimally invasive surgical treatment. They usually work badly as a long term treatment. And the manufacturers of the drugs KNOW that long term use is dangerous. This is why the drug information packets always say “for treatment of prostate cancer”, or “for suppression of uterine tumors”. The drug companies know transing children is a huge risk and want doctors to have to face the legal music alone when the time comes.

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