a modest proposal or two . . . or three



Overpopulation is a serious situation, world wide. China has struggled with it one way with its decades of its strictly enforced single child policy, and is now struggling with it the other way considering that soon there will be fewer wage earners to support the over-aged population of future retirees. Quite a catch-22.

So what to do?

Wait for the 9.2 mega quake that will last the subjective eternity of about 5-8 minutes and wipe out much of the West Coast? Invent another super virus to wipe out a few million across wherever? All a bit radical. Also, the newly increased numbers of the conscribed disease business customers (Obamacare and Medicare Part B) will drop again once we wiped them out. We need a solution that makes money for the medical and shrinkage and legal industries. And for “the” government. Mind you, this is not extremely thought out, but then, it’s just a proposal.

Since we can’t fatten, sell and butcher children for meat as Jonathan Swift suggests in his early 18th century satire (the original “Modest Proposal”), we need to make castration and sterilization desirable a n d profitable. This is done by an increasingly perfected course of action.

Indoctrinate the shrinks – who already make money by catering to people who don’t want to deal with their ‘stuff’ – to diagnose and assess a great many instances of narcissistic self engrossment as “gender” related disorders, or whatever new nomenclature of increasing meaninglessness is invented in the transgender double speak. The psych drug industry is not sidelined because the pills keep being prescribed. No problem there. In fact, it keeps getting better, because the next step in the gender related disorder counselors’ scheme is diagnosing an insurmountable need to fix a person’s problems by way of a sex change. Anyone who can’t hold down a job or hang on to a marriage or let go of a bottle, etc. is “born into the wrong body”. Right? Pharma is happy because they now can peddle two drugs (at least): the anti-depressant as well as off-label (=untested) hormones. The anti-depressants, btw, were what depressed the patients to begin with; read the side effect catalogue which includes sleepiness, nervousness, insomnia, dizziness, nausea, skin rash, headache, diarrhea, constipation, upset stomach, stomach pain, changes in appetite, abnormal ejaculation, impotence, decreased sex drive, difficulty having an orgasm, dry mouth, etc.. Now that we have made some inroads with overpopulation (abnormal ejaculation, impotence, decreased sex drive), we get on with the hormones. They finish off the chemical castration.

Of course, our focus here is sex change from a male-bodied man into a male-bodied . . .uh… eunuch. There are some women who want to be a female bodied “man”. Goddess knows why. But we’ll focus on the statistical majority who will never again procreate, thanks to the various hormones, from puberty blockers on up (or down).

In the process, the poor suckers, of course, continue to need the $ervice$ of the counselors. Why? Because they will, unfortunately, continue to be as dysfunctional as when they decided their troubles were due to God – or their mother – fucking up and putting them into the wrong body. Transitioning, as they call it, is a hard job. Ever occurred to anyone that dying is also called “transitioning”? Somebody please fix that slight malfunction in trans speak.

International corporations just l o v e it when they have people by the . . . ooops . . . anyway, people dependent for the rest of their lives on whatever they sell, like insurance. Or pills. The male-bodied eunuchs are such a lucrative catch. They will need hormones for the rest of their womanly days. Cha-ching, cha-ching, cha-ching, cha-ching – day after day. And all without population growth.

But it gets better. Remember the “continue to be as dysfunctional as when they decided their troubles were due to God – or their mother – fucking up and putting them into the wrong body”? Sooner or later, the real pain of realizing it wasn’t God or their mothers is likely to become unbearable, and the people will decide they are done subsidizing the pharmaceutical and medical profe$$ions and kill themselves. No more cha-ching, but—good news— a small dent into the overpopulation.


Plan B, the next prong in our overpopulation fighting strategy, starts much earlier than Plan A. It starts in childhood. How about if we find a way to prevent all people from procreating who do not conform, from early childhood on, to one of two sexual stereotypes, a.k.a. cookie cutters. Let’s breed out all the creative and artistic and original people, and, of course any type of higher intelligence.

We start , or actually started long ago, to leave the average parent utterly clueless about how to deal with anything that is not explained in Better Parenting – or was that Housekeeping? – including any non-conformance. I will assume that at least one of the attributes ‘creative’ and ‘artistic’ and ‘original’ applies to the reader, which makes me, again, assume you remember times of confusion and internal conflict and other growing up things of the like. Lucky, you weren’t born into the wrong body.

Plan B continues with the child sooner or later placed near the open palm of a $hrink who will sooner or later diagnose a gender dysphoria (at least that’s what is was called a while ago) and recommend the attention of a $peciali$t. The child will feel special and the parents will feel safe with a profe$$ional answer. All this is to take place paid for by the public “health” system (which is only public because you pay for it).

In due time, the children or juveniles will become non-reproducing (either chemical eunuch or non-menstruating muscled up female body), averagely unhappy members of society. Some of you may remember the Medfly fighting model of 1989. This is how state and federal agencies tried to control of the Medfly (Mediterranean fruit fly) in Southern California. Rather than only spraying pesticides, they distributed sterile fruit flies, which then mated with other fruit flies but, of course, never reproduced. A huge – and somewhat successful – birth control experiment. This is how it works:

Bigger dent in the population.

Plan C

Once we have established that an emotional distress establishes a person’s entitlement to having the other people fix it, it is totally plausible that unhappiness can lead to a clear indication for (paid for) sex change. We could draw a parallel and similarly look at the feelings of confusion, of being lost, of not belonging, of feeling misunderstood, of hopeless desperation and fluctuating experiences of suicidal depression that go along with growing up in a fucked up world. Here comes the good news for fighting overpopulation. If the feelings of a young person wanting to be a woman justify assisting him to take all the steps to achieve his desire, then where does that leave us with suicidal depression? Would it not follow that the feelings of a young person wanting to be dead justify assisting that person to take all the steps to achieve her or his desire? The logical consequence is that of public health insurance covered assisted suicide. Who is to judge?

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