Rude Awakening – or: Political MMA

video of mock attack on Trump

another video of the mock attack on Trump

These two links go to videos of the staged ‘attack’ on Donald Trump in Dayton (March 12, 2016) and his subsequent victorious gladiator style MMA fighter stance, accompanied by the crowd’s rhythmic

World wide nationalist and right wing gains in elections. World wide polarization focused on refugee and immigration issues. World wide economic wars for non-renewable natural (re)sources and world wide civil wars incited, financed and managed by those intending to rape the countries thus rendered defenseless by civil war.
World wide “Political MMA”.
Is it any surprise that


The following link goes to why this type of footage should scare us all shitless.

political MMA now and then (goto minute 3)

. . also involves an airplane and screaming masses (go to minute 3)

Please believe me. I have it from someone who knows.

see also Trump, Tthe American Fascist

see also
Trump and his 154 feet, high thrust ego extension

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