dangerous curves

No, this is not an automotive article. It is about misogyny and why two TV networks rejected Lane Bryant’s recent voluptuous ads.

group pic LANE-BRYANT

The reason cited by the networks was generally something like the ads were “not safe”. Safe for whom?
The reality is much more complex, maybe, and much more simple for sure. The corporate heads of the television business are misogynist, even if they are women. This is one reason. More about that later.

Also, TV is for advertising, and you are going to have a hard time selling much of anything to people who are happy about being who they are. You must show people what they don’t have where they are not with whom they are not and what they don’t look like – and never will. A woman who looks like women look like rather than the photoshopped 7 feet tall anorexic models is making women too happy. No mo buy nada other than another double cheeseburger and a coke (with apologies for mentioning GMO’d food and evil water raping companies).

Tellingly, the ad wraps with the line “This body is made for starting a revolution.”


Part of this revolution may be that men really feel threatened by the fact that they are helpless in their reaction to the women in these “unsafe” ads. Maybe they themselves feel threatened when faced with luscious, voluptuous WOMAN – with a capital W and a capital all the rest. Needless to say that misogyny is based in that feeling threatened by woman, real biological woman rather than the fashion artifact.
The remedy is safe, boy bodied barbie women. Remember ancient Greece – of course you do – when women were not allowed to act, when women’s roles had to be played by men? That was definitely safe for men, safe from being faced with a woman’s power over them, or woman power in general.

Image: This controversial ad camapaign sparked backlash on social media

This controversial ad camapaign sparked backlash on social media.

Now for another one: In my humble (lying!) opinion, all the real biological women in the offending advertising material are beyond anything that can be manufactured. Especially the “made for love” breast feeding part. Can you imagine Bruce Jenner – of any name – among these women? I can’t. Is it therefore “not safe” for the hyped world of everything controllable? Likely.


I was asked what proof I have for connecting these dots. Let your gut do the proving. In other words, the “body is made for starting a revolution“ is kidding on the level, and apparently threatens any number of “identities” and egos and incomes.

Bring ‘em on. All of them.


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