Why Men are So Boring

Because all male excitement is derivative. Non-original.

Let’s examine this surprisingly generalizing, blanket statement about roughly half the human race. To start with, two images of excitement involving men:fury

This is the world champion bout between Wladimir Klitschko and Tyson Fury. Hot stuff, aint it? The problem is that it aint. What is hot is the spectator’s rooting for one or the other or for empathizing with this blow or that knockout. If the fight had taken place in an empty training room with no spectators . . . boooooooooooooring. Why? Because the spectators, the whole world watching, that’s what creates the excitement.
Next, an image from a different time and a different world, but it proves essentially the same point:kleiber

What we are looking at here is a 1970 performance of the overture to the German Opera “Der Freischütz” at minute 8:35 on https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Umd7w5cECE. The conductor, Carlos Kleiber, is probably the most exciting musician of the second half of the 20th century. And the musicians playing under im are all mostly men. So how can that electrifying performance of more perfections than I have space here to describe prove the point why men are so boring. Easy: The are playing music and they are playing it masterfully. But it is the music they ‘channel’ rather than themselves which is the substance of what we experience. Tellingly, “the music” in most languages that assign gender to things, is La Musica in Italian, La Musique in French or die Musik in German.
Men largely use the aid of stuff to make themselves and or their interactions and conversations exciting. When you listen to men talking at parties, they always talk about stuff. Doesn’t have to be theirs. Even having seen something or having had an uncle who told them about  . . something, that’s what carries a conversation. I always find myself “running not walking” to get away, because it is boring.
Maybe men get a bad wrap about their stuff. Maybe they could be interesting if they only had a sense of being intrinsically of a certain creative interest. But . . ., yes but how few actually do not run scared of not trying to impress the world and, in the process, make themselves and their sense of worth utterly dependent on stuff. Academic degrees are as much stuff as badges or money in the bank or accomplishments and exploits.
JHFC! Stop trying to impress the whole fucking world! Don’t you understand that, in reality, you are sending the message that you would feel like absolutely nothing if you didn’t have your brag bag to pull open for anyone anytime? Not sexy at all, but needy.
Women want men, not boys.
Good luck!

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