From Jean D’Arc to Hillary Clinton

galleryFrom Jean D’Arc to Hillary Clinton

No, this is not about a fictitious Saint Hillary. It is about powerful women being burned at the stake, exiled, accused of nepotism, accused of the very thing that patriarchy itself has done to women: Appropriated their power. There are several “chapters” to this, from the onset of patriarchy, to the demonization of women’s intrinsic power (the apple and serpent thing), to the centuries of witch burnings (literally still ongoing today), to the propaganda about and the fate of women in power world wide, and finally to the Orange One’s assaults on the authenticity and legitimacy of Hillary Clinton. This is not about a glass ceiling but about any and all variations of pyres.

This is also about the inciting and sanctioning of violence against anyone and anything in patriarchy’s way to the trough of power. When, in Genesis, 1_Samuel/15-3, the Israelites are commanded to “not spare them, but kill both man and woman, child and infant, ox and sheep, camel and donkey.” we are talking about grazing lands, to make – whatever power realm – “great again”, so to speak. But let’s not get distracted by the sense of male entitlement alone.

Historically, long or short term, from Cleopatra to Malinche, and on to Indira Ghandi and finally Hillary Clinton, there was and is a trend to reject women’s power as legitimately their own. Men – and women — claim “she” only arrived at her place of power by means of nepotism, sex, or “magic”. (A queen is acceptable because she is only reigning due to a temporary lack of a “real” king.)

This is why not only men but also women voted against Hillary Clinton.

Whatever detriment “she” faces, whatever fate “she “ meets is well deserved since “she” violated the often spelled-out rule that women may only be lesser powers, subordinate and in service to the divinely ordained male.
We recognize this as the usual reversal, as a projection and as re-framing of reality. Once Eve makes her case that she is not derived from Adam’s rib, she becomes fair game.

This is the witch-burning factor overlooked by the strategists around Hillary Clinton. And if the orange poison pill has its way, she may still burn.


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