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Exxon, Russia, Tillerson, Flynn, Sanctions, Crimea, pipeline, 63 Million acres of drilling rights, insanity, ignorance, naivete, Putin, arrogance, stupidity, stupidity, stupidity, stupidity, stupidity, stupidity, stupidity, stupidity, stupidity, stupidity, stupidity, stupidity.

Did I say stupidity?


The Art of Breaking a Deal

Yuuuuge deals were made in the past. And then broken without leaving the screwed party much of a recourse, as in “what are you going to do?” Hitler did it shortly after he agreed with Stalin (by way of their respective foreign ministers Ribbentrop and Molotov) to a non-aggression pact. How fucking blue-eyed must one be to believe that Putin isn’t going to do the same thing once EXXON has helped establish the requisite oil drilling infrastructure in the area the size of the United Kingdom which Russia is leasing to Exxon?

The market is obvious: China, and the cheap consumer goods flooding capitalist world markets. And without being given the cheap-consumer-goods pacifier to suck, what is the spoiled US population going to do? “Panem et circenses”,. Latin, literally “bread and circuses,” what the Roman emperors considered sufficient for keeping their masses content. We could translate that as ample cheap food and addictive entertainment, a strategy which has always proven a one-way street. There is no controllable way back. This means that without Russian oil going to China the sucking game is over and you are going to see a yuuuge eruption of the shit volcano. None of this, btw., is judging the people of China, who are led by the nose ring of unsustainable economic expansion themselves. What a powder keg!

Long-Headed vs Non-Headed

Putin and his oil (thanks Exxon) will have the whimpy US population by its proverbial balls. Remember Bobby Fischer? Chess World Champion 1972 to 1975? The remaining champions from 1948 to 2000 were . . . you guessed it: Russian. And you think that Putin doesn’t know how to play? Granted, he is not world class and he hates to lose, but compared to the likes of the unmentionable and his chaotic crew he has nothing to fear. A mere “Art of the Deal” is no match for him. After all, he is a KGB guy who has proven a master of the now-you-see-it-now-you-don’t game.

How Blind do They Come?

Back to the Exxon equation: Hasn’t it been all over the media? Russia’s involvement in the election. Flynn’s involvement with Russia concerning the sanctions that would hamper the consummation of the Rosneft-Exxon vows. The age-old motivation for invading the Crimea: Access to the Black Sea. Just do a little of your own footwork with the search terms: Exxon, Tillerson, Putin, Siberia, Crimea, Oil, and the like. But no, Melania’s cup size is more important, yes? The White House clown show is more important. Don’t look! Stay entertained with the puppet theatre. Reality might bite you in the ass!

What National Interest?

When you look – if you look – at what world-wide strategies are devised and implemented to rape human and geologic and natural sources, political or geographic nations as such have little to do with it any longer. Note: I refer to sources rather than resources for the simple reason that the term RE-sources creates the fatal illusion that you can cut the same tree again and again, or that you can come back to where there used to be a mountain and haul it away again, or that you can poison the waters and then drink it.

Then you look at morons like the occupant of the second –shortest POTUS ( I predict he’ll be gone by the end of March) and the reality show where he is trying to sell the lie of a nationalism that is going to work in 2017. It is laughable. He is not the kind of character who gets to play globally with “the big guys”. To be sure, they let him think he is so he stays out of their way or does a little dirty work for them. But national interest? Really? A self-engrossed male person like him, with the emotional age of eight, only knows about self interest and his grandiose self-image. The emperor’s new statesmanship.

Conflict of Interest or Flat-Out Treason?

Considering the globalization and the waning significance of national interest world-wide, how should glaring conflicts of interest be treated? If a person, individual or corporate (the lobbies wanted corporate personhood, didn’t they?), acts in a way that yields an advantage to a foreign country and in return harms the people of its own nation (make . . great again), how do we call that? In a war, which this is, that would turn the Tillersons, and Flynns and a soon to be growing list of people into traitors. And if the treason was committed not even for ideological reasons but merely for personal greed, there is no wiggle room for even the trace of redemption. Not even Spicey and KellyAnn can rig that one . . for long.

Watching Treason Happen And Fail to Act is . . . ??

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