You’re a trans woman and you say “trans women are women, period!”?

Okay. You’re a woman? Then shut up.
If you don’t silence yourself, someone else has to. And will. Because you’re a woman.

You’re a woman?
Then don’t expect to dominate a conversation,
any conversation.
And don’t expect to be taken seriously. You’re a woman. Get it?

You’re a woman?
Expect to get paid less for the same work.
Any problem?
You’re a woman—period. Right?

You say 13 (trans) women were murdered last year.
Nearly 3000 (three thousand) women were killed in 2010,
and most of them because of what?
They were women.
So what’s your problem?
“Trans women are women – period”? Welcome to the club.

You say (trans) women are being brutally raped.
As I said: Welcome to the club,
the club of more than 320,000 women that are raped in the USA every year. You want full membership? Welcome to the club.

You say “stop talking about uteruses and vaginas” because “not all women have uteruses and vaginas”
and that talking about them is transphobic.
Don’t worry your pretty little woman head about that.

You say genitalia and having a uterus and a vagina is not what defines a woman? Tell that to the woman who carried you in her uterus,
between her bladder, spine and other organs for nine months, to the woman who fed your growing body from her own,
the woman with a uterus who then labored you out of her vagina the vagina that we are not supposed to talk about
because it is transphobic to talk about what—no who—gave birth to you, so you could be here today criticizing, finger pointing
and demonizing the very reason you even exist.

You say (trans) women are the “most oppressed of women”? Tell that to the millions whose labia are butchered off
and who live with the life-long pain, if they survive the infections to begin with. Tell that to the more than 20 million women trafficked in the sex trade, in overseas brothels and here in the good ol’ U S of A.
Tell that to the women – women, not men! –
who walk 5 miles every day to get a supply of water for their children.

You say you’re not safe in a men’s bathroom.
Tell that to the 3 billion women (Billion with a “B”)
who are not safe anywhere.
Because one out of three women on the planet are beaten or raped by men. And not in a bathroom but usually at home.

You say . .
You say this and you say that and . .
Know what? You say too much.
You seem to be forgetting, you’re just a woman. So shut up.
Shut up. Get in line. Be nice. Conform.
‘Cause you’re a woman – period.

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  1. I bet you, somewhere in tumblin™, somebody else will be describing their personalities and then they are the most special. Almost, exactly like a bunch of delusional, self absorbed toddlers.

  2. anawnimiss says:

    This is perfect! I am going to wave this in the face of the next person who goes “trans women are women”.

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