Dangerous Times

So far, we were all united by a common objective. Nice and Tidy.

The Trump presidency is toast, and now the infighting for the crumbs or the melting butter will begin.

And this is the time when we can lose everything. Everything. When the vultures on all sides will revert to their self-serving partisan propaganda while the looting continues in the shadows of the victory parties.

You don’t want to hear this because it pisses on your immediate gratification parade and on the illusion of two-dimensional accomplishment. But do you really think Exxon will abandon its business interest, just because they lost their orange shoehorn? For example.

This is why we need to make sure three things happen: The presidential election 2016 must be nixed. We cannot let Musch Pants become president. In other words, the entire ump presidency must go, along with all his executive orders. This includes the disclosure of all of the ump’s shady dealings.

But then comes the real hard part: Really “drain the swamp” rather than merely swapping out croc’s. Convenient finger pointing alone will do little more than distract. Meanwhile the money game of political corruption continues and will takes us back to where we are just digging out from.

We will also have to chase the countless political “ambulance chasers” out of town. These multi-billion Dollar deep “donate” pits have had us by the short and curly for a profitable while now. People were in shock and crazed with desperation and fear at the recent Washington events. But now we have to change the game, clarify to all politicians that theyu must not be for sale to corporate interests while they work for the people. We must send the political snake oil peddlers of all colors and labels on their way and grow up.

to be continued

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