The End Game of Patriarchy

Inspired by an email response from my second oldest friends (not age but duration)

A brief p.s. to the trans deal. I call it

The End Game of Patriarchy

and do so for several reasons.

1. Remember, patriarchy goes like this: She has something and knows something I (male) can’t and won’t, ever. The solution is a double strategy: Sour-grape and wrong and demonize what She has and knows, as long as she has it – or doesn’t hide it (forbidden tree with the forbidden apple and the snake), but appropriate it and then sell it back to Her for the price of submission. (See also chapters 4 and 7 of “The Women’s Collective” – upcoming on No Bullshit). The problem, see chap-4, is that Woman can’t really not be and know and have what She is and knows and has. Hence, after thousands of years since “genesis”, patriarchy has failed to succeed in the good old “look Ma, no hands” game. Flat on their face is more like it.

2. Concurrent with all the above, a war on reality is waged. Lawyers do it, doctors do it, politicians do it, priests do it (N.B. all the “professions” stolen from women at threat of the pyre!) by a continual process of gaslighting. Present state of ‘science’ even claims that – aside from being able to emigrate to Mars (refuge trafficking for a hefty price) once we trashed Earth – we can also construct artificial wombs and make at least one of those pesky woman things obsolete. Athena is to climb out of Zeus’ head after all.

3. Alleged “sex change” is now allowing “men” to give birth. The womb has become a potentially male organ when the previously XX person ingests testosteron and undertakes other measures to make herself appear as if she were a XY person – which she isn’t.

Voila, you have now legislated (lawyers, doctors, and politicians) that woman is obsolete, and finally, finally, the root problem of all evil is resolved.

Meanwhile, we indoctrinate girls from an early age that being natural, i.e. not swallowing the girly stereotype but wanting to be physical and strong and active means that they are really meant to be boys. Their breasts are amputated, their menarche is prevented, their bones will be weak, their life expectancy will be shortened.

And this doesn’t even address the question, how many of these girls would grow up being Lesbians and lead a life without the need for male approval. (OMFG!)

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